Super 7 Blackjack game is a multi-hand variant of the much loved and popular blackjack table game, where players can play up to 3 hands at a time to give them even more chances to win. Aside from the thrills of being dealt the cards and trying to hit that elusive 21, bonus side bets are offered where you get the chance to scoop up to 5,000 – if you are brave enough.

Some time I wonder if there will be more different type of blackjack coming out online. In Singapore, we play different at home and in casinos.

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As ever, you play against the dealer, so no matter how many players are sat at the virtual table at your chosen online casino, you will all be playing to beat the dealer. While this version of blackjack isn’t the latest, it’s exciting nonetheless. 

What makes the free Super 7 Blackjack game so different to the rest is the game uses 6 different decks of cards, but your goal remains the same as all other blackjack games – get as close to 21 as possible, without going over to beat the dealer. If you have a better hand total than the dealer, you will win. Scoring a blackjack will result in you receiving 2 to 3 times your total bet, if the dealer doesn’t have one too. If you and the dealer both have the same amount, this is deemed as a push and nobody wins – but you do get your stake back.

Super 7 verdict?

We recommend you play Super 7 Blackjack for fun before switching to real cash, allowing you to get a feel of how the game is played without wasting your own cash. Taking the insurance side bet is not essential, but you can choose to take it when playing. Insurance is designed to protect your hand, should the dealer have a blackjack. Insurance costs half your original bet, this not only sees you spending more cash, but it sees you receiving an insurance pay of 2:1 (if the dealer has a blackjack) even if you lose your hand. A simple blackjack game has been given a little lucky 7 twist, but the only difference this game has to a typical blackjack game is the ability to win up to 5,000 in side bets.



  • Stick to games that you are familiar with.
  • Super 7 Blackjack is not for everyone just because you know other Blackjack.
  • Most table games allow side-bet. Even for this, play at your pace and steadily.

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