The precursor to blackjack is believed to have originated at casinos in France in the 18th century. The game was called twenty-one (21), an attractive offering when it arrived to gambling houses in the US especially. Thanks to simple rules and a fast pace of game play, one can easily become the top if you are good at it!

I don’t know who “doesn’t” like Blackjack or 21! Come on, it’s one of the most crucial game in casino even before anyone knows, blackjack is the game!

Dream Vegas player

In blackjack, you compete with the dealer and maybe other players to form a hand that’s equal to 21 (Blackjack). Everyone is dealt two cards and then gets the choice to either stand (End your turn) or hit (Be dealt another card). Yes, that simple!

There are a couple of ways to win more. Choose a double to double your stake and give you just one more card before having to stack up against the dealer. Another way to possibly win more on a hand is to split certain pairs, giving you two hands to play against the dealer. Some love it, some might not. It’s all in your hands.

Blackjack or 21, still the same

New to the game? Get your head around a basic blackjack strategy and get accustomed to the game!



  • Don’t rush into ‘Hit’ for more cards, some risk are NOT worth taking.
  • You will need some sort of luck even you know Blackjack very well.
  • Getting insurance when dealer have an ‘Ace’ might not hurt your pocket so much.
  • ‘Hit’ too many cards to get closer to 21 isn’t a good thing at times.

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