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Over 13 years of experience in the industry hasn’t been easy. But it’s all worth it after seeing the seed grew into a beautiful tree. Consistency, Determination and Never Give UP spirit got us here today.

  • Pioneer in the industry

  • - Attractive Bonuses
    - Attractive Promotions
    - Competitive Welcome Perks
    - Responsive Customer Support
    - Amazing User-Experience
    - All country's IP address accessible
    - Bitcoins Deposit
    - Limited games currently - Slightly new in Asia

    We are Not new in the market, We are Pioneer in the market.

    Brand Cornell & Darren Kinder (Founder & Co-Founder)

    Keeping things as simple. That’s how it’s supposed to be, said Darren Kinder. We’ve realized that the volume in Asia is amazing though betting habits and amounts are somewhat different as compared to UK & Europe. But in Asia or Asean, they’ve got volume. The volume is one of the main key characteristic in this business.

    Apart from that, most of the Asian gaming platform are quite similar to each other. From the UI to UX. You can see certain similarities in them, though keeping this simple is crucial but designing the site is crucial too. Why would anyone enter a casino that is pretty rundown? Same goes to online gaming platform, said Darren Kinder.

    Why Asia now?

    As we mentioned or talked about previously, the volume in Asia generally is big. With Asia leading certain industry as the industry leader. We thought this could be a journey we can set our foot on it and bring people in Asia to join participate our gaming platform, to show what we can provide for them. We’ve been in the UK and Europe for so long, more than 10 years, we have a office here to develop and maintain our client’s project and sites. Now is time to breathe in new scent of oxygen. Something new, something refreshing. See you all in Asia!

    Luxe Casino Website


    • Since 2003
    • Founded in United Kingdom (UK)
    • Pioneer in the industry
    • Simple layout and Great User-Experience
    • All IP Address can access
    • Expanding broader on games and development

    There are things that they are improvising from the existing gaming platform that are available in Asia. From promotions and bonuses to turnover ratio.

    Luxe Casino main focuses are Class and Experience, though games are important but they want all new and regular players, whenever they enter into platform. They feel calm and excited at the same time.


    Luxe Casino online gaming indeed have a different approach and different layout in the platform. The colors and the overall experience in the platform is straight-forward. Bonuses and Promotions are attractive consistently.

    Complaint and Review

    Luxe Casino Details

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